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Group of Companies  «EPIDBIOMED»  and LLC «SIM-Technics» Production Commercial Production Company offer a new radiation-free technology for mammographic screening - electrical impedance mammography


The method, which is absolutely safe for patients, involves the use of computer conversion of information regarding tissue electrical conductivity into an image, without the use of ionizing radiation or other potentially dangerous agents

Electrical impedance tomography has the following advantages:

  • Highly informative
  • High sensitivity in the diagnostics of benign breasts tumors
  • Ability to detect the early stages of disease
  • Optimal method for dynamic control
  • Possibility of objective monitoring over the course of a treatment program and the selection of appropriate individualized hormonal contraception
  • Safety
  • No restriction on the investigation


Effectiveness of electrical impedance tomography is confirmed by the results of clinical studies:

  • Federal State Institution: Russian Scientific Center for X-Ray Radiology of RMT, Moscow 2008 and 2009.
  • Federal State Institution: P.A. Hertzen Moscow Cancer Research Institute, in 2010.



Russian Scientific Centre for X-Ray Radiology of RMT, Moscow 2009.:

  • With the MEIK 5.6 device for electrical impedance mammography it is possible to establish reliably the presence of pathological processes in the breast.
  • The MEIK 5.6 device for electrical impedance mammography can be used in clinical practice as a screening method for women of any age, because the investigations do not cause any unfavorable effects
  • An “MEIK” version 5.6 electrical impedance computer mammograph can be used for dynamic monitoring of patients at risk.
  • The MEIK 5.6 device can be used for monitoring the effectiveness of adjuvant chemotherapy

P.A. Hertzen Moscow Cancer Research Institute, Moscow, 2010.:

  • According to the findings obtained during complex breast examinations, the effectiveness of electrical impedance computer mammography was 87.39%, which enables us to recommend application of the method in outpatient clinics, antenatal clinics, and maternity units, as it involves is no exposure to radiation.
  • The use of EICMG is possible as a method of screening for pathological changes in breasts for the primary treatment of women and for follow-up monitoring. If changes are determined when using electrical impedance computer mammography, additional investigations should be performed: visual examination, ultrasound and mammography
  • The method provides for safety, comfort, and speed while being very informative

The above mean that it is particularly appropriate to use electrical impedance tomography(EIT) for the dynamic observation of patients with diffused and nodular forms of mastopathy. EIT can be used as a screening method in consulting rooms, oncology clinics and maternity clinics. Moreover, it is reasonable to use the method during the primary treatment of patients to determine any indications for invasive diagnostic manipulations or for indirect control of the hormonal background during conservative treatment of mastopathy and in the individual selection of hormonal contraception.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation #744 dated 1 December 2005 “Electrical impedance mammography” code A 05.20.001 is included as part of the standard medical care of patients with malignant neoplams of the breast. The method of electrical impedance mammography (electrical impedance tomomammography) is included into the National Guidance for Mammology.

Based on the method of electrical impedance tomography “MEIK”® has proved its effectiveness in medical practice and is successfully used within the Russian Federation; it is registered and applied in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Malaysia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The “MEIK”® electrical impedance computer tomograph has all necessary permission documents and patents:


The main fields of use for the “MEIK”® electrical impedance mammograph are:

  • Primary diagnosis in outpatient clinics and maternity clinics for determining indications of the need for further complex investigation and observation
  • Pre-clinical diagnosis of pathological processes in healthy people during group examinations (at-risk group screening)
  • Dynamic observation of patients from risk groups
  • Dynamic observation of patients with mastopahy
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of treatments
  • Individual selection of hormonal contraception
  • Correlation of diffused and/or involutive changes in breasts with the hormonal background

The versatility of the device and the possibility for rapid training of personnel allows its use in different types of healthcare institutions. The device is simple to use, does not require any other special equipment and facilities, and provides high pass-through capacity. Implementation of electrical impedance mammography into the general system of breast disease diagnostics and its use in combination with other methods of diagnosis, such as X-Ray mammography, will enhance the process of making precise and safe diagnoses; will help to group patients correctly and in sending them to complex invasive diagnostic procedures only if necessary; will provide dynamic observation of patients and an objective control of the course of treatment, as well as helping to avoid additional costs, thus saving money.